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Paint Protective Film (PPF)

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Paint Protective Film (PPF)


PPF is an adhesive-backed protective cover film that directly applied to the body of vehicle and is designed to enhance the vehicle appearance and to provide the performance features you desire and protect the exterior body of vehicle.

You can also create the body of vehicle in style with PPF with the various colors & patters available like clear, black(Gloss & Matt) carbon fabric, skin, etc and it makes your vehicle looks uniquely different from others.



  • Prevention of any scratches and contamination from outside
  • Enhance the vehicle appearance uniquely
  • Damage caused unique polyurethane surface can be restored.
  • Vehicle protection looking brand new


  • Vehicle body painting protection, Ultra Scratch Proof, Abrasion Resistance, Vehicle Appearance Upgrade, No Rainbow(Non-Yellowing)through Special Hard Coating
  • Stylish & Bright Light, Heat-Resistance, High Elasticity, High Durability, Anti-Pollution on surface through Colorful Film Type & Unique Design
  • Protection from Stone Chip, Bleaching and Intentional terror and Anti-Corrosion through Special Hard Coating
  • Bubble Free, Back Coating for Prizm/Diffuser, Cold-Resistance, Strong Adhesion through Acrylic Adhesive Type Coating




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Paint Protective Film -PPF-

Paint Protective Film -PPF-

Paint Protective Film -PPF-

Paint Protective Film -PPF-